Wotonga Induction


Wotonga / Lake Lofty

Property Induction


The Wotonga & Lake Lofty induction is for all personnel entering these properties for work on their lease. The Landowners have put this induction in place for the protection of their business and to outline the workers’ responsibilities while onsite.


This program involves the application of access rules, procedures and protocols for work onsite.

The program includes key elements of learning such as;

  • Gates, fences & barricades
  • Reporting damage
  • Cattle & horses
  • Roads & tracks
  • Environmental management, chemicals & pesticides
  • Cultural & European heritage
  • Vehicle compliance
  • Fitness for duty
  • Restricted areas
  • Contraband


On successful completion, the participant will be issued a card which is to be in their possession for inspection at all times when working on the Wotonga or Lake Lofty properties.


1 hour

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
Online Wotonga Induction $132.00


Why do I need to do this training?

If you are accessing the Wotonga property you need to complete the induction training prior to entry.