Standard 11 Combined Program (Surface and Underground)

Standard 11 Mine Safety Induction (Surface and Underground) course

The purpose of this program is to introduce new and existing mine workers to the induction requirements of Recognised Standard 11 including 6 mandatory units of competency for Surface and 7 units for Surface and Underground.

The Induction program is delivered by experienced facilitators via interactive scenarios and group based activities. The group based scenarios will give participants a realistic insight into the requirements for working within the Queensland Coal Mining Industry

This is a nationally accredited training program. Upon successful completion of the program participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for:

  • RIICOM201D     Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIGOV201D      Comply with site work processes/procedures
  • RIIWHS201D     Work safely and follow OHS policies and procedures
  • RIIRIS201D        Conduct local risk control
  • RIIERR205D      Apply initial response first aid
  • RIIERR302D      Respond to local emergencies and incidents
  • RIIERR203D      Escape from hazardous situations unaided
Name Date Time Location Cost
Standard 11 Full Program - Mackay 1 - 3 February 2021 07:45 am - 04:30 pm ST MACKAY $670.00
Standard 11 Full Program - Mackay 1 - 3 March 2021 07:45 am - 04:30 pm ST MACKAY $670.00
Standard 11 Full Program - Mackay 6 - 8 April 2021 07:45 am - 04:30 pm ST MACKAY $670.00
Standard 11 Full Program - Mackay 19 - 21 April 2021 07:45 am - 04:30 pm ST MACKAY $670.00
Participants who successfully complete this training program will be issued with a RISA Induction ID card and partial completion certificate
Those who complete and return the workplace assessment booklet and appropriate site evidence will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the 6 (Surface) or 7 (Combined) units of competency and a full RISA Induction card with a 5 year expiry.

2 days – Surface
1 day – Underground only (Must complete Surface prior)


Q. Cost of course?

A. S11 $610 Mackay only

W@H $185 in Mackay and $275 in Moranbah

ECS $200 in Mackay and $275 in Moranbah

Q. Duration of course?

A. S11 x 2 days Surface

W@H x 1 day

ECS x 1 day

Q. How often do you run the course?

A. S11 every Monday – Tuesday in Mackay

W@H every Monday in Mackay and every Wednesday in Moranbah

ECS every Tuesday in Mackay and every Thursday in Moranbah

Q. Location and address of the training?

A. Mackay office 1/42 East Gordon Street and Moranbah office 27 Bacon Street

S11 is a general site induction, may not include BMA sites

Q. Does this competency expire?

A. S11, W@H & ECS typically require 5 year refresher

Q. Does ECS include Gas Test Atmosphere?

A. Yes