S123 Supervisor Refresher

Supervisor Training (S123) Refresher

This program is applicable to Site Safety and Health Representatives and appointed Supervisors

This program is appropriate for those working in operational roles, safety committees and/or for members of committees at worksites in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries.

The elements contained within the program are as follows:

  • Plan and prepare for risk management
  • Assess and identify unacceptable risk
  • Review risk management documentation
  • Identify and recommend controls
  • Contribute to the implementation of controls
  • Determine investigation objectives
  • Gather & evaluate information
  • Identify courses of action
  • Prepare and present investigation reports
  • Plan and prepare to communicate information
  • Communicate information verbally
  • Communicate information in writing
  • Achieve meeting outcomes
  • Make a presentation
  • Participate in negotiations

This is a nationally accredited training program. Upon successful completion of the program participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the following competencies;

RIIRIS301D                Apply Risk Management Processes
RIIWHS301D             Conduct Safety and Health Investigations
RIICOM301D             Communicate Information

1 day

Name Date Time Location Cost
S123 Refresher - Moranbah 8 October 2020 07:45 am - 04:00 pm ST MORANBAH $360.00
S123 Refresher - Mackay 30 October 2020 07:45 am - 04:00 pm ST MACKAY $265.00
S123 Refresher - Moranbah 4 November 2020 07:45 am - 04:00 pm ST MORANBAH $360.00
S123 Refresher - Moranbah 2 December 2020 07:45 am - 04:00 pm ST MORANBAH $360.00
S123 Refresher - Mackay 11 December 2020 07:45 am - 04:00 pm ST MACKAY $265.00


1.How often do I need to refresh my Supervisor competencies?

Industry Standard is every 5 years

2. My Supervisor competencies are more than 5 years old can I still do a refresher?

Yes provided you can provide evidence of industry currency

3. Do I need to be a Supervisor to do this training?