Fire Safety Advisor (inc Warden and Chief Warden)

Including Warden and Chief Warden Courses

There are multitudes of Acts and Regulations that business must familiar with and adhere to which can be overwhelming and confusing.
Let Sharp Training take the guesswork out of knowing your obligations under the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 with reference to training, instruction and evacuation.
Failure to meet some of these obligations can result in fines of up to $3,500.00 not to mention the life safety implications.How Sharp Training can help meet these obligations:
There are accredited units of competency that exist for this training which can delivered by Sharp Training in our either of our training facilities or at your workplace.

Day 1 Session 1 – Evacuation and First Response $150 pp

Day 1 Session 2 – Warden $250pp

Day 1 Session 3 – Chief Warden $325pp

*Evacuation and First Response is a compulsory component of all fire training

Day 2 Session 1 – Emergency Planning Committee

Day 2 Session 2 – Fire Safety Advisor $500pp

Name Date Time Location Cost
Fire Safety Advisor - Mackay 4 & 5 February 2021 07:45 am - 04:00 pm ST MACKAY $500.00
Fire Safety Advisor - Mackay 18 & 19 March 2021 07:45 am - 04:00 pm ST MACKAY $500.00
Fire Safety Advisor - Mackay 29 & 30 April 2021 07:45 am - 04:00 pm ST MACKAY $500.00


1.How long is my FSA certificate valid for?

3 years

2. If I only need Warden Training do I need to complete both days?

No you only need  to complete Day 1

3. What the difference between warden and chief warden?

During an emergency where the Warden will assist in all of the duties to clear the floor or zone. The Chief Warden typically triggers the event, commences communication with all of the Wardens and ensure the procedures are being followed as the building is cleared