Standard 11 Full Program


Standard 11 Induction

The purpose of this program is to introduce new and existing mine workers to the induction requirements of Recognised Standard 11 including 6 mandatory units of competency for Surface and 7 units for Surface and Underground.

The Induction program is delivered by experienced facilitators via interactive scenarios and group based activities. The group based scenarios will give participants a realistic insight into the requirements for working within the Queensland Coal Mining Industry

This is a nationally accredited training program. Upon successful completion of the program participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for:

  • RIICOM201D     Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIGOV201D      Comply with site work processes/procedures
  • RIIWHS201D     Work safely and follow OHS policies and procedures
  • RIIRIS201D        Conduct local risk control
  • RIIERR205D      Apply initial response first aid
  • RIIERR302D      Respond to local emergencies and incidents
  • RIIERR203D      Escape from hazardous situations unaided (Underground only )

Participants who successfully complete this training program will be issued with a RISA Induction ID card and partial completion certificate
Those who complete and return the workplace assessment booklet and appropriate site evidence will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the 6 (Surface) or 7 (Combined) units of competency and a full RISA Induction card with a 5 year expiry.

2 days – Surface
1 day – Underground only (Must complete Surface prior)

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