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CPCWHS1001 Prepare To Work Safely in the Construction Industry induction course is mandatory within the building and construction industry. It provides new and existing workers with the basic understanding and knowledge needed to start or continue work. This card was formerly known as a blue card. Part 6.5, Division 1, Section 317 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, states:

  • A person conducting a business or undertaking must not direct or allow a worker to carry out construction work unless and;
  • the worker has successfully completed general construction induction training if the worker completed the training more than 2 years previously.
  • The worker has carried out construction work in the preceding 2 years.
  • The person conducting the business or undertaking must ensure that or;
  • the worker holds a general construction induction training card.
  • If the worker has applied for but has not yet been issued with a general construction induction training card, the worker holds a general construction induction training certification, issued within the preceding 60 days.

Before commencement of each course, the trainer will assess participants language, literacy and numeracy levels.  This will help trainers identify learners who need assistance and support and at the same time the suitability and appropriateness to enrol and complete a course.


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